Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where Have I Been?????

It's been a little quiet here, but that's because I've been working my tushy off to get some products out the door. I got my first consignment gig at Peaceblooms, a shop in Morganton, NC that showcases handcrafted collections by American moms!!!! Thanks to my membership on the Cafemom Etsymom team, I was connected with the owner of the shop. They liked my scrapbooks and greeting cards, so I've been working to get my first collection out the door. In addition to my summer line of scrapbooks and greeting cards, I added some new cards and a baby girl photo album. Guess I'm going to need one of these for myself because we also found out yesterday we'll be having a new little princess of our own soon...I've been working on a lot more and will be previewing it in the coming weeks!

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snazz said...

Congrats on your consignement gig and your "princess in waiting"! Life is good!