Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Giveaway} with a Twist!!!

Are you ready for a fun little giveaway based on one of the hottest Internet past times?  Yep, you guessed it...this giveaway is all about Pinterest!  I'm participating in a Valentine's Day Pinterest Challenge sponsored by EtsyMoms...I have to choose a V-Day inspired project to complete and give as a gift.  Here's the catch, it has to be a non-papercraft...

Oh my stars, what have I gotten myself into???  

Soooo, where do YOU come in?  I've created an "Oh My Sweet Valentine" inspiration board here...all you need to do is guess which craft I'm going to make.  The first one to correctly guess what I'm making will win the gift!  No kidding, I really am going to make it for one of you :)


  • You must be a fan of my Facebook page here to enter.
  • Comments should be entered on my FB page, along with your email addy so I can contact the winner.
  • To describe the pin you've chosen, use my comment for that pin, ie "Cute font ;)".
  • 1 guess per day, so think carefully, but don't take too long!!
  • Giveaway will end once the First person correctly guesses the item I'm going to make.
Good Luck...maybe you'll catch a little inspiration for your Valentine's Day projects!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012, the Road Ahead

Welcome 2012!!!  

My family and I closed out last year with a 2-week trip to my folks' place in St. Louis...after it took us nearly 3 days to drive back, hubby has declared no more winter road trips to my hometown!  

During the many hours on the road, I had lots of time to reflect on my creative business, what I've accomplished and where I want to go this year.  I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but I believe wholeheartedly in 
setting goals, personal and business, with a DATE attached, don't you?

SO I want to share mine with you!  It will help keep me accountable and might inspire you as well ;)

This year, I am going to:
  • Make better use of free business coaching resources (Ongoing). I started by attending Laura Roeder's Facebook Divide Webinar yesterday.  If you want some usable tips on untangling your business from your personal page, check it out here!
  • Design a newsletter, develop a subscription list and decide the content and how often it will go out  (Jan 30).
  • Overhaul my blog--I have changed the content a few times and need to decide on the exact direction I want it to go!  (Feb 29).
  • Work on my branding, to include a possible name change, new logo and shop banner (Mar 31).
  • Organize my craft room/studio--I need to carve out time to focus on getting this room set up so that I can be productive--tough because we moved last year and my space is much smaller, AND I'm still digging things out of boxes (May 31).
  • Launch my own website! (Oct 30).
  • Increase my sales by 50% -- I am launching a new, higher priced product line which is more cost- and time-effective to help achieve this.
  • Do 4 quality craft shows (Dec 18).

I would love to read what YOU want to accomplish this year and what steps you'll take to get there, so feel free to share ;)