Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm addicted...

to buying scrapbooking supplies!!

I just bought these new opaque 3-D pens, beautiful double-sided "Wild Saffron" papers by K&Company and these gorgeous Prima flowers...and then admitted that I have a problem! So, I'm on a mission to use up my current stash before I buy anything new (unless of course it's custom-ordered by a client!). It has actually been pretty fun to see what I can create from remnants from other projects as well as from paper packs I've previously bought. The scrapbook paper was on sale and I used a coupon for the 3-D pens, but I did allow myself to splurge a little on the Prima flowers since I'm a first-time buyer! This "Dare to Dream" card is the first item I've made with the flowers. You can tell I've got visions of the surf and sand running through my mind! So, check back to see what else I'm cookin' up over here in the Cinnamonspice crafting space!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Handmade Baby Shower Essentials

Need some fresh, new ideas for a baby shower?

1. Opt for a "destination" shower:
My girl, Kelli, and I hosted one for a really sweet friend of ours today. Like me, she's having her 3rd baby and didn't really want a traditional shower with a lot of people; so we went for something more intimate and held it a cute little tea house, McDuff's Team Room and Emporium. It saved me on time and money because I didn't have to clean my house or buy and prepare all the food, decorations etc.

2. Focus theme on the guest of honor:
Instead of a baby-centric theme, we wanted this luncheon to be all about the mommy-to-be, so I went with this cute, but stylish pregnant lady because she fit Julissa to a T! Little bitty arms and legs and nothing but belly! Create your own invitations to match your theme. Need a little help in the wording department? Try Birth Announcements Galore for free ideas.

3. Handcraft or buy a handcrafted gift:
I wanted to have as much of the shower items made by hand as possible, so I purchased this beautiful diaper cake from my lil sis Aisha over at Gifts for All NC. For the DIYers, here's a tutorial for making your own: http://cinnamonspicecrafts.blogspot.com/2008/04/baby-shower-bliss.html

4. Create a babyshower keepsake book:
And I made my first babyshower memory book, where there's room the invitation, for photos and a place for each guest to write a message to the mom-to-be. I blinged it up a little and I think it turned out well. I am so lovin' the brown, green and pink "Spumoni" colors!

5. Give the guests party favors they can eat or will actually use! Let's be honest, sometimes we leave the shower with some cute baby-oriented momento that we'll never use again... I used take-out boxes and accented them with the expectant lady, a circle tag stamped thanks, curling ribbon and color-coordinated satin ribbon. I filled them with hershey's kisses.

6. Last, make sure you leave the mommy with a set of thank-you cards. These are a pocket-style card, stamped thanks but they can be monogrammed with a stamp or on the computer. Instead of purchasing cards, you can make your own inexpensive ones by using textured cardstock and scrapbook paper. Each guest can self-address the envelope for mom so all she has to do is fill out the card! Got any great tips? Leave 'em here!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Surprises

Yesterday I woke up wishing hubby could play hooky and stay home...but I didn't say anything to him. Imagine my surprise when he walked through the door after dropping our daughter off at school and said "let's go to breakfast!" I truly cherish that special connection we have. And what timing; I had just finished feeding the baby, so the kiddies, hubby and I went to our favorite downtown spot, Horne's. Not that I needed the french toast and sausage but it was extra yummy all because it was totally unexpected!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Name These Tins!!!!

In honor of my grand reopening, not only am I having an "Oh Baby, Baby's Here Sale", I decided to do a giveaway of one of my Handcrafted Keepsake tins. These tins are perfect for that lock of baby's hair or your little one's 1st tooth. I've added these larger sized ones (3 in. diameter by 1 in. high) in new themes and colors but I need a little help in naming them! To enter, leave a comment with your suggested names for 2 of the 4 tins. Two winners will be chosen 1 week from today and will get to have a specially-designed custom tin. Visit Cinnamonspice Papercrafts for available styles. Please leave contact information in the comments; no obscene or rude remarks please!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thankful for My New Life

So, how is life with a newborn, a 2- and a 6-yr old and running a business? Surprisingly, I think I'm adjusting pretty well, at least that's how I feel today! I think that since the pregnancy was so physically challenging, I was apprehensive about life with 3 itty bitties. I'm working on making sure we carve out a little "one-on-one" time for the older two. But what's hilarious is that my daughter oftentimes prefers to stay home with her brother when I ask her to accompany me on an errand...Not quite what I had envisioned...My hubby grows more and more wonderful with each child...no, really, I'm serious! I thought I might have to have a nannie cam or something the 1st time I left him with all three, but he rocked it out! I was gone a couple of hours and came back home to 3 happy, well-fed kids and that gorgeous smile of his! So now when he tells me on my way out the door, "Go do your thing, I got this," I can leave and enjoy some well-deserved me time! As for fitting in time for crafting, I read a good philosophy on the blog of fellow Etsymom, Yellow Finch Designs. She said she doesn't work during the day because she chose to stay home with her boys, so she spends a couple of hours a night working. Now that baby Spice is sleeping through the night, that practice is definitely one I would like to adopt...will keep you posted!

Getting My Groove Back

Well, in just a few short days I will be reopening my Etsy shop. I'm revamping a few things for a fresh new start. The shop was established as a partnership a little over a year ago and now that I've been flying solo for a while I've made a few tweaks. I've slightly modified the name, it is now Cinnamonspice Papercrafts. I want people to know exactly what the shop specializes in, just by seeing the name. I'm also having a "Baby's Here" sale beginning March 21st, where I'll be offering 30% off items for baby. There's a few other things in store but you'll have to stop in to see what those are! As far as crafting, I held off until my brain was close to overloading with a host of new ideas. I'm still figuring out how to get my work done without sacrificing time with the kiddos...it's becoming easier now that baby Spice sleeps through the night. So, here's what I've been up to... a set of new, larger Keepsake Tins! I love the brown, pink and green...reminds me of the Spumoni ice cream I used to get as a kid from the Old Spaghetti factory...More sneak peeks to come, so check back!