Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, I've been tagged a few times over the past weeks and I'm tryin' to catch up! So, this one is courtesy of my girl Rockerchic who shared her dirty little secrets and now expects me to share mine!


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#1: I'm ambidexterous because I started out as a lefty and for whatever reason my kindegarten teachers thought I should conform and use my right hand, but even though my parents nixed that nonsense all I can really do with my left hand is write!

#2: My friends compare me to Joan from the sitcom "Girlfriends" and I've even been compared to Monica on friends...I guess I can admit I'm a little anal at times, especially when it comes to symmetry (in decorating my house, papercrafting...), but what's wrong with a little perfection now and then?

#3: I love decorating my house for Christmas! I put a little holiday cheer in each room in my house (including bathrooms...LOL). Everyone has their own wreath on their door and I put up a tree in almost every room...

#4: I think meals like burgers & fries, sandwich & chips, pancakes & bacon etc. were made just for me! Actually, I'm probably a little obsessive about how I eat my meals, I have to eat them proportionately so I do things like ration my fries so I have enough to go with each bite of burger, the same goes for sandwiches and chips, and I get a little bothered if I run out of bacon before I've finished my pancakes...I do share my food with hubby and kids, but there's always the concern that they'll throw things off-balance!

#5: When I was a kid I used to eat bologna sandwiches along with a bowl of cheerios for breakfast, EVERY MORNING!!

#6: Oh, while we're on strange eating habits, my mom says I used to bite off the stick of butter out of the refrigerator...now that's just gross!

#7: What could possibly top the eating butter thing...mmmm....I have a freakish memory when it comes to remembering faces. I tripped my hubby out once at the mall when I spotted someone I hadn't seen in about 15-18 years (when we were kids) and the kicker was we weren't even in our hometown!

So, that's enough about me. Can't wait to hear some interesting little trivia about these mamas:





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Jamie said...

Oh aren't you the sweetest...but of course you are with that name, hehe! Thanks for tagging me, I'll get to it soon...hmmm, now what can I come up with?

Schira said...

Aaaah, I learned so much about you :)
But the stick of butter, though? Yuk!