Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday for Baby Spice

My sweet girl turned three last month and we hosted a small birthday dinner for her...ordinarily I don't do full-blown birthday decor, unless it's a P-A-R-T-Y. But Miss Thang had it in her mind she wanted cute party hats (perhaps she saw them while I was on Pinterest?) and for those who know me, I just couldn't leave it at that. Especially when I came across this post on Ruffles and Stuff's fab blog, about doing party decor for free with scrapbooking materials. And as we all know from previous posts, I have PLENTY of those around :)

For the hats, I took an old store bought one I had (yes, I hoard like any good crafter), took it apart and used it as a template. I added the ribbon trim while the girls' hats were still flat --I used hot glue instead of sewing...but the ruffles look good, right?
Baby Spice got in on the dessert-making (no surprises here!)

We're a cupcake kinda family, so this year we decided to try cupcakes in a jar, and yes, the yellow cupcakes and Raspberry lemon frosting were homemade! See this post here for the recipe. They were delish!

I had been itching to make some of these as well...yes, more scrapbook paper! They were the perfect wall, well, mirror decor and you can reuse them or hang them in your child's room. Now, how's that for crafting on a budget?
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Aneta Hayne said...

I love all beautiful colors :) Well done mama crafter :). I'm getting ready for my little boy's party,so I'm really happy to see there is more moms thinking or re-purposing decorations or making them form scratch . And btw, I love your party hats, especially considering that you didn't sew them, you are defiantly a professional hot glue gun user :)Beautiful :)