Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Supportive DH

Well, Spice and I are into our third month of business ownership and absolutely loving it. We are definitely experiencing the ebb and flows of entrepeneurship and the various issues to tackle like the art of pricing, honing photography skills, marketing, marketing and can I just say marketing again! Last but definitely not least, is devising a work schedule around family life. What do they say about addiction, first you have to admit you have a problem? Well, I'm hooked on crafting, but I realize the need to strike that balance.

Which leads me to the subject of this post. I refer to him as my "dream come true", my DH. He is the most fabulous man I've ever met in my life and he loves me like there's no tomorrow. Although he might not verbalize it, he has shown me over the past few months how much he's excited about my joint business venture by going above and beyond at home. On many an occasion I can find him just before the kids' bedtime snuggled up and reading a book to both of them while I'm working away on my latest inspiration. This is of course after he's worked a 10-hour day, cooked dinner and gotten them ready for bed. After an occasional all-night crafting session, I awake on Saturday to find the house oddly quiet. "Where did everybody go?" I wonder. A short while later upon their return, I find he took the kids to Chik Fil-A to let Momma get some rest. I appreciate him for giving me the flexibility to "find my groove", yet at the same time saving me from myself when necessary (honey, just push back from the computer he often says). I'm sure it must be challenging for him to have the house all topsy-turvy (literally) but he rarely shows it. More often than not he just smiles and says "I really love you" which I translate to mean, "You're crazy, but you're my crazy". So, this was on my heart and wanted to share, like that Chris Brown hit says "Get you one, cuz I got that one!"


rosie said...

Very nice! You sound like a lucky girl!! Your husband should be proud!!

Happy House Quilts said...

your very blessed..not too mushy at all! I'm right there with you but can't say hubby is all that understanding a year's all good!

XUE said...

I'm lucky too, like you, to hv a supportive husband. When we moved here & my sales sloooowed, he created my blog & set up my Etsy. It's been 17 years & he still brings me flowers!