Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hopelessly Junky

I'm letting you in on a little secret...I'm organizationally challenged. Yep, while my blog layout is pretty neat and tidy, my house is another story. It's not that it's dirty or anything but there's lots of "stuff" or I guess some people would call it clutter. My mom just calls it plain ole JUNKY! So, since this summer I've been on a mission to get this house under control, especially my craft area, before I add to it with a new bambina! You're probably dying to see pics of this glorious mess, but I can't go out like that, now can I? Here is a pic of how my Craft Nook should look, but can I just tell you how rare this is? What I'm not showing you are the other rooms where the REST of the my supplies are, the guest room, the hall closet etc. So come join me on my search for the ultimate craft room! Thanks to google, I found some spaces I'd absolutely love to have...of course I would need to have a whole room to dedicate to my crafting but that hasn't worked out yet. It's really more practical to be in the same room with the kiddos, they work on their projects while I work on mine...or something like that. Check out Lisa Brown's room. See all those slots for the scrapbook paper? Ohhhh, I so need that. And look at how all her ribbons and embellishments are neatly stored in canisters. Could I maintain this level of order??? I'm not sure. When I first saw this next room I thought it was her kitchen! It's too beautiful for words. Everything has its place, in drawers, cabinets, off the countertop! Of course that would require putting away everything when you're finished, which is no fun! I found this next room, called a "hobby/craft room" on my home ideas. It's probably what my husband would prefer, neutral, manly colors (there better be a tv inside that armoire)! And it doesn't look anything like a craft space!

In all seriousness, it would probably be more fun and more realistic to have a room like Tara Anderson, I love the brightness, festive colors and overall "busyness" of her room! Finally, I came across this website, "My Electic Mess" whose tag line is "Diverse Crafts For a Diverse World" and thought, now this describes me perfectly. I think the key for me is accepting that in my world, out of CHAOS comes some piece of beautifully handcrafted art, made with love. So, once I find one central location to "house" my mess in, so it's not spread all over the place, I'll be set and I will definitely share my space with you. Thanks for going on my little journey of self-discovery!!! Need help organizing your space? Wendy Travis shares her "5 Steps" here and the Container Store, ScrapnCube and Cropperhopper all carry materials for whipping that space into shape. Then again, if you're like me, you'll be checking out the local Thrift Market and taking your 40 and 50% off coupons to the Craft Stores to find those storage pieces that truly reflect you!


JaimeSews said...

I too am "junky". lol. I long for neatness, but it just doesn't fit in my life. I like to blame my tiny house, but I have a feeling that if I had a big house with lots of storage, it wouldn't be much better. That's just how I am! :( Oh well, I guess you can't be great at EVERYTHING. LOL

Jamie said...

I am an organization freak so love this post and your art corner. I'm giving you an award so check out my blog to get it when you get a chance!

beth said...

Thanks for the link! I have found the crafters the world over completely understand the idea of an Eclectic Mess. I too dream of a beautifully organized craft space. I manage to keep the store relatively tidy (I do have a 'house rule' that all students in my classes must agree to just drop scraps and crafty detritus on the floor to be swept up later!)but when I am creating it is hopeless!