Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thankful for My New Life

So, how is life with a newborn, a 2- and a 6-yr old and running a business? Surprisingly, I think I'm adjusting pretty well, at least that's how I feel today! I think that since the pregnancy was so physically challenging, I was apprehensive about life with 3 itty bitties. I'm working on making sure we carve out a little "one-on-one" time for the older two. But what's hilarious is that my daughter oftentimes prefers to stay home with her brother when I ask her to accompany me on an errand...Not quite what I had envisioned...My hubby grows more and more wonderful with each, really, I'm serious! I thought I might have to have a nannie cam or something the 1st time I left him with all three, but he rocked it out! I was gone a couple of hours and came back home to 3 happy, well-fed kids and that gorgeous smile of his! So now when he tells me on my way out the door, "Go do your thing, I got this," I can leave and enjoy some well-deserved me time! As for fitting in time for crafting, I read a good philosophy on the blog of fellow Etsymom, Yellow Finch Designs. She said she doesn't work during the day because she chose to stay home with her boys, so she spends a couple of hours a night working. Now that baby Spice is sleeping through the night, that practice is definitely one I would like to adopt...will keep you posted!

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MagicMarkingsArt said...

My babies are 19 and 16 - but, oh I remember the days painting while one was in preschool and the other was napping!!! Cherish every moment with them ~ they grow up sooo fast.
But....I LOVE my teenagers!!!