Thursday, February 24, 2011

4 Boxes, 15 Minutes a Day!

I know you've been waiting to see how my plan (see plan details here
is taking shape...I'm happy to report that 

4 boxes and 15 minutes a day 

have actually EMPOWERED ME to take charge and organize my craft room! Thanks to an awesome tip by my Aunt Jean, I spent my 2nd 15 minutes looking for suitable boxes and labeling them "Trash", "Recycle", "Keep" and "Another Room". The Trash box is for just that, items I don't want and that can't be recyled. In the Recyle box, I'm putting reuseable materials like old shipping boxes (these can be used to ship some of my etsy items) and one-sided printed paper the kids can use the blank side to color on. This morning, I almost filled the trash and another room boxes, so I am making progress and actually EXCITED about it!  Those feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated, and quite honestly of being an organization failure, are gone!

What can YOU do with 4 boxes and 15 minutes?

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