Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love Mistakes!!!

Me loving mistakes has not always been the case!!!  And I certainly wouldn't have blogged about them because "Oh My Stars, how would that look???"  Before opening my Etsy shop a few years ago, I would definitely say I tended to be a bit of a perfectionista (I made a new word).  While that worked well in my previous line of work, it was holding me back in my scrapbooking and paper crafting endeavors.  Isn't that ironic considering the coolest thing about scrapbooking is the ability to cover up almost ANY uh-oh you've made???  I read somewhere on Etsy, maybe the forums, a while back that a true artist knows which mistakes to keep and which ones to abandon and now I GET IT!

Some of you might have seen this cute little album cover (below left) on my FB page  the other day...well, I thought a little speck of something had become lodged underneath the vellum so while oh-so-carefully trying to get it out, I actually tore the vellum--YIKES!  I fretted for a moment and thought, well I could just keep it, and then I thought, no way mama, you are not giving up on this one, so I just transformed it (picture on the right)!

                                                        And I like it so much better now.

So, my tip to you is don't be afraid of making mistakes, they can actually be a way of redirecting your creativity.


Melissa said...

many great and beautiful things are created with mistakes!:)

fatmi said...

These tags are so pretty.

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cinnamonspice said...

Melissa, you are so right...all it takes is the mindset to transform them!

cinnamonspice said...

Thank you Fatmi!!

ScrapYourWorld said...

Itsn't that weird how we have something in our heads to make, then an Oh-Oh happens and it just gets better. so glad you did not let it get the best of you!!
scrap your world