Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All Aboard!!!

Last week I took some much needed time off to go home and visit my parents. While I didn't enjoy all the turbulence on the flights, my son got a blast out of the take-off and landing. To keep from having to use the little white paper baggie the airline provides, I tried to keep my eyes closed. It was a little difficult to do with this little voice calling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" and little fingers trying to pry my eyes open! Needless to say, we arrived safely. We stayed for about a week, attending a family reunion and just doing a lot of plain old nothing. My brother, his wife and their four boys hung out for a few days. It was a lot of fun seeing my kids play with their cousins. One of the most fun things we did was to visit the St. Louis Museum of Transportation. It brought back so many memories because I used to take school field trips there as a kid. My kids enjoyed climbing on the historic railcars and the tour guide was excellent. It was great to see how they're expanding the museum from when I had last visited. They've added a scenic choo-choo ride around the museum's grounds. If you're ever in St. Louis check it out!


Butterfly*Gems said...

oh how much fun my boys would love a vacation like that ....especially my two year old who is a train fanatic...i am glad yall had a blast and you took a stroll down memory lane!


Mama Z said...

My son LOVES trains and would have loved to go there!!! It's so much fun to go on family vacations-those are the memories that they will look back on with a smile on their face!