Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Custom Mini Scrapbook Order!

At last, the orders for our mini scrapbooks are starting to roll in! In one of our earliest posts, I talked about my passion for mini's. Some people call them brag books because they are purse-size so you can carry your favorite pics of loved ones wherever you go! In Vera Rapso's e-zine article on brag books, she talks about them being "the scrapbooking enthusiasts answer." She says "Brag books aren’t just for showing of babies either. They can be used to tell a story about trip, event or even a special accomplishment." She makes a great suggestion for involving your kids in scrapbooking too! She suggests giving them a supply of disposeable cameras when they go to summer camp and telling them to keep an eye out for keepsakes like ribbons and things they've created.

The first two I ever did were pre-made for Valentine's Day 2007 and I sold them on Ebay. I took another one to a Women's Expo a couple of month's ago and got our first order for a custom book. This client helped me improve the product when she asked for a case to protect it from the contents of her purse. I had fun experimenting with sewn-together transparencies and other materials before I created an envelope to coordinate with the book. We've had a few more orders that we're working on. Coming to Etsy soon!


happyathomehandmade said...

Congrats on your custom order! It looks great! :) It's fun doing a custom order! :)I did one for a friend once; it took me months to finish it! I really love the one you just did! :)

peata said...

yay. congratulations.
good luck.

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XUE said...

Congratulations of the custom order!!! I do like the green & blue colour combo.