Thursday, March 11, 2010

NCTriangle Thursday ~ Shower Them with Love

I've dedicated the past few weeks on the blog to throwing the ultimate handmade babyshower, from decorations to gifts and favors.

On Monday we sent the babyshower guests home with lovely favors so we're done right? Not just yet; how about a little something for those close friends that put together the fabulous shower???

I found some stylish but practical and some delectable hostess gifts on Etsy created by that talented crew out of the Triangle area in North Carolina.

What a brilliant idea knotworkshop had with this Crochet Cozy for Coffee or Tea. No more worries about your hot beverage going cold!

I know this blueberry chocolate mini leather journal from paperpearlsboutique would make a lovely gift because I gave one to myself last year! Aside from the soft, supple leather, the best feature is that it's refillable!

and I couldn't help but include this ipod cozy (to protect what is surely a highly prized possession!) also from knotworkshop, available in several styles/colors.

If any of your friends fancies moist, melt-in your mouth morsels, I'm sure they'd be tickled pink by a half-dozen of these Walnut Chocolate Chip Brownies from FancyThatCookies.

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