Monday, March 1, 2010

Etsymom Monday ~ Name that Baby!

ONE more week until the big baby shower I'm co-planning!

For my three-week Handmade Baby Shower Series,

I'm sharing not only what I'm creating for the event

but also the best baby boy accessories

Etsymoms are offering this spring.

What a special touch personalization can add!

This week's finds can all be designed with your child's name in mind.

These wonderful wooden letters just speak to me!

KissMeKatie will handpaint these custom 8-inch letters

to adorn your child's walls.

Letters grow with child and can help with name recognition as they mature!

Let sobrightdesigns create a matching monogram pillow for the

little man's room decor from one of several designer fabrics.

These 8 Letter Iron-On Decals from alphabulous

can be used in a variety of ways to personalize

baby boy's room! Need help getting started?

Search 'alphabulous' on photobucket for project ideas.

The briliant blue buttons really pop against the chocolate fabric

on this personalized pillow by letterperfectdesigns.

Hang girlfriendstx's wall hooks at just the right height and as

baby gets older he can hang up his own jackets!


Krissy said...

lover personalization items!

Alison said...

Thanks so much- your friend is super blessed to be receiving a shower from you!!

Alice said...

Love all of the personalizable items! Estymom rocks!

Lilprincessbow said...

Love all the personalizable items. Cute shops. Etsymoms Rock!